Neil Forsey - The Hungry Coach

If you’ve let yourself go and are fed up with your weight and girth yo-yoing...or, if you've packed on the kilos or pounds and inches as you discover you are in mid-life, welcome to the club! I finally came to grips with my reality as I stepped off the plane from Italy in 2010. Not feeling well, I went to the doctor and my blood sugar level was through the roof! Realizing that taking the tablets prescribed for the rest of my life only treated the symptoms; I refused and sought out ways to cure my health problem at the root cause.

I started doing intensive research into healthier practices and went to a naturopath, who told me that I would need insulin injections soon if I didn’t change my habits. This frightening news was enough incentive to send me on a journey to learn about health, wellness and mindset. And of course, I learned that the cause of my diabetic symptoms was being overweight and having less than desirable eating habits. It was not until I had this health crisis that I decided to really do something about my health and my weight, for myself and for my family. The result was shedding 27kg (60 pounds) over the next 3-4 months. No longer diabetic, I’ve maintained the weight loss, and have perfect blood pressure and cholesterol.

“Helping people to make the rest of their life the best of their life.”

It was my transformative weight loss and finally achieving health at the age of 47, that awakened me to the fact that to be successful at anything, one must have the mindset to succeed first, then have proper information.

I’d say I finally found my true calling in life after overcoming this mid-life heath crisis, when, after observing that I "walk the talk," people started asking me to help them lose weight and/or overcome their diabetes.

Reading 2-3 books a week on health issues and finding a plethora of confusing and contradictory information, I take it all in and research natural cures to help my coaching clients find what works for them. I’m now a certified coach working predominantly with men and women over the age of 40, helping my clients to release their limiting beliefs so they can achieve true health and wellness -- and live to see their kids get married, hold their grandchildren and enjoy their retirement.

I was born in the UK and relocated to Perth, Australia, with my parents and siblings in 1973. My wife Marilyn and I are proud parents to three grown children, whom I supported by driving trains for almost 20 years. Because we had invested in property along the way, I was able to stop working in 2007, when I was just 43. Then, partly because the global financial crisis began putting a dent in my retirement plans, and to do something different, I set up a graphic design business and created a family icebreaker card game called “101 Fun Questions to Get to Know Someone.” Deep down I felt there was another purpose for me to fulfill in life, which inspired me to launch my "Hungry Coach" practice.

My hobbies include time with friends and family, following my favourite football team (the Fremantle Dockers) and exercising. I love to bicycle at least 3 times a week, walk most days and do weight-bearing exercises 2-3 times a week. I don’t believe in "diets," and I’m living proof to support my contention that “Diets don't work - changing the way you eat and your lifestyle does.”

"As we reach mid-life, everything starts catching up with us. We always think we have plenty of time and we'll get back on track, but in the end, we don't."

My life purpose is to be the catalyst to change that for as many as possible.

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